newbie question

i have downloaded and successfully run the application (v2.5.1) from within Visual Studio 2015 Community. However, I get an error every time I create a ticket. I get an error eg. "The value '01...

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in tickets page the ui is all mixed up

see screenshot same with tickets create screen

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In the admin dashboard in contents menu error message

in the admin dashboard i get this error in contents menu :

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Card wall and gantt chart not working in milestones

After the new cloud release it seems that within milestones the Gantt chart and Card wall is not working

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Add svn integration

It would be nice if it checked a SVN server commit log, where i could write Fixed B233 and it would mark the issue B233 as fixed!

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need design pattern approch for orchard

am new of orchard collaboration my client wants to develop application like as orchard collabration kindly help me.

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missing modules?

hello, I've been trying to open the solution from Version 2.5 code in visual studio 2015 and received the following errors: C:\Users\stanb\OneDrive\Spaces\Amispace\healthcare barbados\apps\med...

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using Bootstrap

Hi, I am not sure if here is the best place to post this, so my apologies if not so. I am new to Orchard and Orchard Collaboration. I been trying to solved the following error I get, when I try...

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Move to GitHub

Are you considering a move to Github?

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Problem with 1.9.1

Hi Siyamand The O.C 2.0 package has issue with 1.9.1 I will Upgrade to 1.9.2 asap this is only for your information : Package installation failed: The package is compatible with version 1.9.2 a...

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